pub fn all_simple_paths<TargetColl, G>(
    graph: G,
    from: <G as GraphBase>::NodeId,
    to: <G as GraphBase>::NodeId,
    min_intermediate_nodes: usize,
    max_intermediate_nodes: Option<usize>
) -> impl Iterator<Item = TargetColl>where
    G: NodeCount + IntoNeighborsDirected,
    <G as GraphBase>::NodeId: Eq + Hash,
    TargetColl: FromIterator<<G as GraphBase>::NodeId>,
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Returns an iterator that produces all simple paths from from node to to, which contains at least min_intermediate_nodes nodes and at most max_intermediate_nodes, if given, or limited by the graph’s order otherwise. The simple path is a path without repetitions.

This algorithm is adapted from


use petgraph::{algo, prelude::*};

let mut graph = DiGraph::<&str, i32>::new();

let a = graph.add_node("a");
let b = graph.add_node("b");
let c = graph.add_node("c");
let d = graph.add_node("d");

graph.extend_with_edges(&[(a, b, 1), (b, c, 1), (c, d, 1), (a, b, 1), (b, d, 1)]);

let ways = algo::all_simple_paths::<Vec<_>, _>(&graph, a, d, 0, None)

assert_eq!(4, ways.len());