Function bevy::ui::ui_layout_system

pub fn ui_layout_system(
    primary_window: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, &Window), With<PrimaryWindow>>,
    windows: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, &Window), ()>,
    ui_scale: Res<'_, UiScale>,
    scale_factor_events: EventReader<'_, '_, WindowScaleFactorChanged>,
    resize_events: EventReader<'_, '_, WindowResized>,
    ui_surface: ResMut<'_, UiSurface>,
    root_node_query: Query<'_, '_, Entity, (With<Node>, Without<Parent>)>,
    style_query: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, Ref<'_, Style>), With<Node>>,
    measure_query: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, &mut ContentSize), ()>,
    children_query: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, Ref<'_, Children>), With<Node>>,
    just_children_query: Query<'_, '_, &Children, ()>,
    removed_children: RemovedComponents<'_, '_, Children>,
    removed_content_sizes: RemovedComponents<'_, '_, ContentSize>,
    node_transform_query: Query<'_, '_, (&mut Node, &mut Transform), ()>,
    removed_nodes: RemovedComponents<'_, '_, Node>
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Updates the UI’s layout tree, computes the new layout geometry and then updates the sizes and transforms of all the UI nodes.