pub fn update_text2d_layout(
    queue: Local<'_, HashSet<Entity, BuildHasherDefault<AHasher>, Global>>,
    textures: ResMut<'_, Assets<Image>>,
    fonts: Res<'_, Assets<Font>>,
    text_settings: Res<'_, TextSettings>,
    font_atlas_warning: ResMut<'_, FontAtlasWarning>,
    windows: Query<'_, '_, &Window, With<PrimaryWindow>>,
    scale_factor_changed: EventReader<'_, '_, WindowScaleFactorChanged>,
    texture_atlases: ResMut<'_, Assets<TextureAtlas>>,
    font_atlas_sets: ResMut<'_, FontAtlasSets>,
    text_pipeline: ResMut<'_, TextPipeline>,
    text_query: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, Ref<'_, Text>, Ref<'_, Text2dBounds>, &mut TextLayoutInfo), ()>
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Updates the layout and size information whenever the text or style is changed. This information is computed by the TextPipeline on insertion, then stored.

World Resources

ResMut<Assets<Image>> – This system only adds new Image assets. It does not modify or observe existing ones.