Module bevy::tasks::futures_lite::io

Available on crate feature std only.
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Tools and combinators for I/O.


use futures_lite::io::{self, AsyncReadExt};

let input: &[u8] = b"hello";
let mut reader = io::BufReader::new(input);

let mut contents = String::new();
reader.read_to_string(&mut contents).await?;



  • A list specifying general categories of I/O error.
  • Enumeration of possible methods to seek within an I/O object.



  • Copies the entire contents of a reader into a writer.
  • Creates an empty reader.
  • Creates an infinite reader that reads the same byte repeatedly.
  • Creates a writer that consumes and drops all data.
  • Splits a stream into AsyncRead and AsyncWrite halves.

Type Aliases§

  • Type alias for Pin<Box<dyn AsyncRead + Send + 'static>>.
  • Type alias for Pin<Box<dyn AsyncWrite + Send + 'static>>.
  • A specialized Result type for I/O operations.