Module bevy::sprite::prelude


  • Struct defining a Sprite border with padding values
  • A 2d material that renders 2d meshes with a texture tinted by a uniform color
  • Specifies the rendering properties of a sprite.
  • A Bundle of components for drawing a single sprite from an image.
  • A Bundle of components for drawing a single sprite from a sprite sheet (also referred to as a TextureAtlas) or for animated sprites.
  • Component used to draw a specific section of a texture.
  • A builder which is used to create a texture atlas from many individual sprites.
  • Stores a map used to lookup the position of a texture in a TextureAtlas. This can be used to either use and look up a specific section of a texture, or animate frame-by-frame as a sprite sheet.
  • Single texture slice, representing a texture rect to draw in a given area
  • Slices a texture using the 9-slicing technique. This allows to reuse an image at various sizes without needing to prepare multiple assets. The associated texture will be split into nine portions, so that on resize the different portions scale or tile in different ways to keep the texture in proportion.


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