Function bevy::render::view::check_visibility

pub fn check_visibility(
    thread_queues: Local<'_, ThreadLocal<Cell<Vec<Entity, Global>>>>,
    view_query: Query<'_, '_, (&mut VisibleEntities, &Frustum, Option<&RenderLayers>, &Camera), ()>,
    visible_aabb_query: Query<'_, '_, (Entity, &InheritedVisibility, &mut ViewVisibility, Option<&RenderLayers>, Option<&Aabb>, &GlobalTransform, Has<NoFrustumCulling>), ()>
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System updating the visibility of entities each frame.

The system is part of the VisibilitySystems::CheckVisibility set. Each frame, it updates the ViewVisibility of all entities, and for each view also compute the VisibleEntities for that view.