Module bevy::render::renderer


  • ErasedRenderDeviceNot (WebAssembly and atomics)
  • The handle to the physical device being used for rendering. See [Adapter] for more info.
  • The AdapterInfo of the adapter in use by the renderer.
  • The context with all information required to interact with the GPU.
  • This GPU device is responsible for the creation of most rendering and compute resources.
  • The GPU instance is used to initialize the RenderQueue and RenderDevice, as well as to create WindowSurfaces.
  • This queue is used to enqueue tasks for the GPU to execute asynchronously.
  • WgpuWrapperNot (WebAssembly and atomics)
    A wrapper to safely make wgpu types Send / Sync on web with atomics enabled. On web with atomics enabled the inner value can only be accessed or dropped on the wgpu thread or else a panic will occur. On other platforms the wrapper simply contains the wrapped value.



  • Initializes the renderer by retrieving and preparing the GPU instance, device and queue for the specified backend.
  • Updates the RenderGraph with all of its nodes and then runs it to render the entire frame.