Type Alias bevy::render::render_resource::TextureDescriptor

pub type TextureDescriptor<'a> = TextureDescriptor<Option<&'a str>, &'a [TextureFormat]>;
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Describes a [Texture].

For use with [Device::create_texture].

Corresponds to WebGPU GPUTextureDescriptor.

Aliased Type§

struct TextureDescriptor<'a> {
    pub label: Option<&'a str>,
    pub size: Extent3d,
    pub mip_level_count: u32,
    pub sample_count: u32,
    pub dimension: TextureDimension,
    pub format: TextureFormat,
    pub usage: TextureUsages,
    pub view_formats: &'a [TextureFormat],


§label: Option<&'a str>

Debug label of the texture. This will show up in graphics debuggers for easy identification.

§size: Extent3d

Size of the texture. All components must be greater than zero. For a regular 1D/2D texture, the unused sizes will be 1. For 2DArray textures, Z is the number of 2D textures in that array.

§mip_level_count: u32

Mip count of texture. For a texture with no extra mips, this must be 1.

§sample_count: u32

Sample count of texture. If this is not 1, texture must have [BindingType::Texture::multisampled] set to true.

§dimension: TextureDimension

Dimensions of the texture.

§format: TextureFormat

Format of the texture.

§usage: TextureUsages

Allowed usages of the texture. If used in other ways, the operation will panic.

§view_formats: &'a [TextureFormat]

Specifies what view formats will be allowed when calling create_view() on this texture.

View formats of the same format as the texture are always allowed.

Note: currently, only the srgb-ness is allowed to change. (ex: Rgba8Unorm texture + Rgba8UnormSrgb view)