pub type ImageCopyTexture<'a> = ImageCopyTexture<&'a Texture>;
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View of a texture which can be used to copy to/from a buffer/texture.

Corresponds to WebGPU GPUImageCopyTexture.

Aliased Type§

struct ImageCopyTexture<'a> {
    pub texture: &'a Texture,
    pub mip_level: u32,
    pub origin: Origin3d,
    pub aspect: TextureAspect,


§texture: &'a Texture

The texture to be copied to/from.

§mip_level: u32

The target mip level of the texture.

§origin: Origin3d

The base texel of the texture in the selected mip_level. Together with the copy_size argument to copy functions, defines the sub-region of the texture to copy.

§aspect: TextureAspect

The copy aspect.



impl<T> ImageCopyTexture<T>

pub fn to_tagged( self, color_space: PredefinedColorSpace, premultiplied_alpha: bool ) -> ImageCopyTextureTagged<T>

Adds color space and premultiplied alpha information to make this descriptor tagged.

Trait Implementations§


impl<T> Clone for ImageCopyTexture<T>where T: Clone,


fn clone(&self) -> ImageCopyTexture<T>

Returns a copy of the value. Read more
1.0.0 · source§

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl<T> Debug for ImageCopyTexture<T>where T: Debug,


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result<(), Error>

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl<T> Serialize for ImageCopyTexture<T>where T: Serialize,


fn serialize<__S>( &self, __serializer: __S ) -> Result<<__S as Serializer>::Ok, <__S as Serializer>::Error>where __S: Serializer,

Serialize this value into the given Serde serializer. Read more

impl<T> Copy for ImageCopyTexture<T>where T: Copy,