Module bevy::render::render_graph


  • A collection of input and output Edges for a Node.
  • A Node without any inputs, outputs and subgraphs, which does nothing when run. Used (as a label) to bundle multiple dependencies into one inside the RenderGraph.
  • The label for the input node of a graph. Used to connect other nodes to it.
  • A Node which acts as an entry point for a RenderGraph with custom inputs. It has the same input and output slots and simply copies them over when run.
  • The internal representation of a Node, with all data required by the RenderGraph.
  • The render graph configures the modular and re-usable render logic. It is a retained and stateless (nodes themselves may have their own internal state) structure, which can not be modified while it is executed by the graph runner.
  • The context with all graph information required to run a Node. This context is created for each node by the RenderGraphRunner.
  • A RenderGraph Node that runs the configured subgraph once. This makes it easier to insert sub-graph runs into a graph.
  • A command that signals the graph runner to run the sub graph corresponding to the sub_graph with the specified inputs next.
  • The internal representation of a slot, which specifies its SlotType and name.
  • A collection of input or output SlotInfos for a NodeState.
  • This Node can be used to run any ViewNode. It will take care of updating the view query in update() and running the query in run().



Type Aliases§

Derive Macros§

  • Derive macro generating an impl of the trait RenderLabel.
  • Derive macro generating an impl of the trait RenderSubGraph.