pub type MeshVertexBufferLayout = Hashed<InnerMeshVertexBufferLayout, FixedState>;

Aliased Type§

struct MeshVertexBufferLayout { /* private fields */ }



impl<V, H> Hashed<V, H>where V: Hash, H: BuildHasher + Default,

pub fn new(value: V) -> Hashed<V, H>

Pre-hashes the given value using the BuildHasher configured in the Hashed type.

pub fn hash(&self) -> u64

The pre-computed hash.

Trait Implementations§


impl<V, H> Clone for Hashed<V, H>where V: Clone,


fn clone(&self) -> Hashed<V, H>

Returns a copy of the value. Read more
1.0.0 · source§

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl<V, H> Debug for Hashed<V, H>where V: Debug,


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result<(), Error>

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl<V, H> Deref for Hashed<V, H>


type Target = V

The resulting type after dereferencing.

fn deref(&self) -> &<Hashed<V, H> as Deref>::Target

Dereferences the value.

impl<V, H> Hash for Hashed<V, H>


fn hash<R>(&self, state: &mut R)where R: Hasher,

Feeds this value into the given Hasher. Read more
1.3.0 · source§

fn hash_slice<H>(data: &[Self], state: &mut H)where H: Hasher, Self: Sized,

Feeds a slice of this type into the given Hasher. Read more

impl<V, H> PartialEq<Hashed<V, H>> for Hashed<V, H>where V: PartialEq<V>,


fn eq(&self, other: &Hashed<V, H>) -> bool

A fast impl of PartialEq that first checks that other’s pre-computed hash matches this value’s pre-computed hash.

1.0.0 · source§

fn ne(&self, other: &Rhs) -> bool

This method tests for !=. The default implementation is almost always sufficient, and should not be overridden without very good reason.

impl<V, H> Eq for Hashed<V, H>where V: Eq,