Derive Macro bevy::reflect::prelude::FromReflect

    // Attributes available to this derive:
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Derives the FromReflect trait.

§Field Attributes


The #[reflect(ignore)] attribute is shared with the #[derive(Reflect)] macro and has much of the same functionality in that it denotes that a field will be ignored by the reflection API.

The only major difference is that using it with this derive requires that the field implements [Default]. Without this requirement, there would be no way for FromReflect to automatically construct missing fields that have been ignored.


If a field cannot be read, this attribute specifies a default value to be used in its place.

By default, this attribute denotes that the field’s type implements [Default]. However, it can also take in a path string to a user-defined function that will return the default value. This takes the form: #[reflect(default = "path::to::my_function")] where my_function is a parameterless function that must return some default value for the type.

Specifying a custom default can be used to give different fields their own specialized defaults, or to remove the Default requirement on fields marked with #[reflect(ignore)]. Additionally, either form of this attribute can be used to fill in fields that are simply missing, such as when converting a partially-constructed dynamic type to a concrete one.