Module bevy::reflect

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Type reflection used for dynamically interacting with rust types.



  • A macro used to generate a FromReflect trait implementation for the given type.
  • A replacement for #[derive(Reflect)] to be used with foreign types which the definitions of cannot be altered.
  • A macro used to generate reflection trait implementations for the given type.
  • A replacement for deriving TypePath for use on foreign types.
  • Derives TypeUuid for the given type. This is used internally to implement TypeUuid on foreign types, such as those in the std. This macro should be used in the format of <[Generic Params]> [Type (Path)], [Uuid (String Literal)].





Attribute Macros

  • A macro that automatically generates type data for traits, which their implementors can then register.

Derive Macros

  • Derives the FromReflect trait.
  • The main derive macro used by bevy_reflect for deriving its Reflect trait.
  • Derives the TypePath trait, providing a stable alternative to [std::any::type_name].