Function bevy::prelude::dynamically_load_plugin

pub unsafe fn dynamically_load_plugin<P>(
    path: P,
) -> Result<(Library, Box<dyn Plugin>), DynamicPluginLoadError>
where P: AsRef<OsStr>,
๐Ÿ‘ŽDeprecated since 0.14.0: The current dynamic plugin system is unsound and will be removed in 0.15.
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Dynamically links a plugin at the given path. The plugin must export a function with the CreatePlugin signature named _bevy_create_plugin.


The specified plugin must be linked against the exact same as this program. In addition the _bevy_create_plugin symbol must not be manually created, but instead created by deriving DynamicPlugin on a unit struct implementing Plugin.

Dynamically loading plugins is orchestrated through dynamic linking. When linking against foreign code, initialization routines may be run (as well as termination routines when the program exits). The caller of this function is responsible for ensuring these routines are sound. For more information, please see the safety section of [libloading::Library::new].