Type Alias bevy::ecs::schedule::SystemSetConfigs

pub type SystemSetConfigs = NodeConfigs<Interned<dyn SystemSet>>;
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A collection of SystemSetConfig.

Aliased Type§

enum SystemSetConfigs {
    NodeConfig(NodeConfig<Interned<dyn SystemSet>>),
    Configs {
        configs: Vec<NodeConfigs<Interned<dyn SystemSet>>>,
        collective_conditions: Vec<Box<dyn ReadOnlySystem<Out = bool, In = ()>>>,
        chained: Chain,



NodeConfig(NodeConfig<Interned<dyn SystemSet>>)

Configuration for a single node.



Configuration for a tuple of nested Configs instances.


§configs: Vec<NodeConfigs<Interned<dyn SystemSet>>>

Configuration for each element of the tuple.

§collective_conditions: Vec<Box<dyn ReadOnlySystem<Out = bool, In = ()>>>

Run conditions applied to everything in the tuple.

§chained: Chain

See Chain for usage.