Trait bevy::ecs::schedule::IntoSystemSet

pub trait IntoSystemSet<Marker>: Sized {
    type Set: SystemSet;

    // Required method
    fn into_system_set(self) -> Self::Set;
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Types that can be converted into a SystemSet.

Required Associated Types§

type Set: SystemSet

The type of SystemSet this instance converts into.

Required Methods§

fn into_system_set(self) -> Self::Set

Converts this instance to its associated SystemSet type.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl<Marker, F> IntoSystemSet<(IsExclusiveFunctionSystem, Marker)> for F
where Marker: 'static, F: ExclusiveSystemParamFunction<Marker>,


impl<Marker, F> IntoSystemSet<(IsFunctionSystem, Marker)> for F
where Marker: 'static, F: SystemParamFunction<Marker>,


impl<S> IntoSystemSet<()> for S
where S: SystemSet,


type Set = S