Module bevy::ecs

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Bevy’s entity-component-system.


  • Types for defining Archetypes, collections of entities that have the same set of components.
  • Types for handling Bundles.
  • Types that detect when their internal data mutate.
  • Types for declaring and storing Components.
  • Entity handling types.
  • Event handling types.
  • Most commonly used re-exported types.
  • bevy_ptr
  • Contains APIs for retrieving component data from the world.
  • Types that enable reflection support.
  • Alerting events when a component is removed from an entity.
  • Contains APIs for ordering systems and executing them on a World
  • Storage layouts for ECS data.
  • Tools for controlling behavior in an ECS application.
  • Defines the World and APIs for accessing it directly.


  • Helper macro to generate tuple pyramids. Useful to generate scaffolding to work around Rust lacking variadics. Invoking all_tuples!(impl_foo, start, end, P, Q, ..) invokes impl_foo providing ident tuples through arity start..=end.