Module bevy::ecs::entity

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Entity handling types.

An entity exclusively owns zero or more component instances, all of different types, and can dynamically acquire or lose them over its lifetime.

empty entity: Entity with zero components. pending entity: Entity reserved, but not flushed yet (see Entities::flush docs for reference). reserved entity: same as pending entity. invalid entity: pending entity flushed with invalid (see Entities::flush_as_invalid docs for reference).

See Entity to learn more.


Operations involving entities and their components are performed either from a system by submitting commands, or from the outside (or from an exclusive system) by directly using World methods:

Spawn an entity with componentsCommands::spawnWorld::spawn
Spawn an entity without componentsCommands::spawn_emptyWorld::spawn_empty
Despawn an entityEntityCommands::despawnWorld::despawn
Insert a component, bundle, or tuple of components and bundles to an entityEntityCommands::insertEntityWorldMut::insert
Remove a component, bundle, or tuple of components and bundles from an entityEntityCommands::removeEntityWorldMut::remove



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