Module bevy::asset::prelude


  • Provides “asset” loading and processing functionality. An Asset is a “runtime value” that is loaded from an AssetSource, which can be something like a filesystem, a network, etc.
  • Loads and tracks the state of Asset values from a configured AssetReader. This can be used to kick off new asset loads and retrieve their current load states.
  • Stores Asset values identified by their AssetId.


  • Events that occur for a specific loaded Asset, such as “value changed” events and “dependency” events.
  • A unique runtime-only identifier for an Asset. This is cheap to Copy/Clone and is not directly tied to the lifetime of the Asset. This means it can point to an Asset that no longer exists.
  • A strong or weak handle to a specific Asset. If a Handle is Handle::Strong, the Asset will be kept alive until the Handle is dropped. If a Handle is Handle::Weak, it does not necessarily reference a live Asset, nor will it keep assets alive.
  • An untyped variant of Handle, which internally stores the Asset type information at runtime as a TypeId instead of encoding it in the compile-time type. This allows handles across Asset types to be stored together and compared.


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