Crate bevy::a11y::accesskit


  • A 2D affine transform. Derived from kurbo.
  • Defines a custom action for a UI element.
  • A single accessible object. A complete UI is represented as a tree of these.
  • Builds a Node.
  • Allows nodes that have the same role, actions, and set of defined properties to share metadata. Each node has a class which is created by NodeBuilder, and when NodeBuilder::build is called, the node’s class is added to the provided instance of this struct if an identical class isn’t in that set already. Once a class is added to a class set, it currently remains in that set for the life of that set, whether or not any nodes are still using the class.
  • The stable identity of a Node, unique within the node’s tree.
  • A 2D point. Derived from kurbo.
  • A rectangle. Derived from kurbo.
  • A 2D size. Derived from kurbo.
  • The data associated with an accessibility tree that’s global to the tree and not associated with any particular node.
  • A serializable representation of an atomic change to a Tree.
  • A 2D vector. Derived from kurbo.



  • Handles requests from assistive technologies or other clients.

Type Aliases